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embracing the

voice within

Shavonne "Wizdom Starr" Martin was born in Compton California and is an author and recording artist.  

Says Shavonne: 

I have a passion for writing.. It's the way I release, for me it's freedom.

Aside from being a song writer I often journal. Through out the years of life I would look to my journals for inspiration in times of need. I would also share with friends and some family members.  It would happen so often to were I developed a name for it, which is "pick a page". I would hold my journal in hand or close to my heart. While thinking about things I need or want answers for? With eyes closed I would pick a random page in the book and would always find inspiration. That's where the idea came from to write "Powerful Wizdom". ​I wanted to share who I am as a woman the person aside from being an recording artist or any other title I have earned or given myself.

I am a spiritual being having a human experience. My intention is to connect with the conscious mind of the reader to help produce positive change. The book is filled with wisdom, powerful insight and affirmations that's created to inspire ones heart, mind and soul. I now get a chance to allow fans to experience the person/soul behind the music. And most importantly to inspire someone to embrace the spirit within them because it is a loving, blissful experience. No matter what we may be going through in life or where we may have come from. Heaven is always present within.
Leading with Love,




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